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Trout Lake Forest

FMU 120 - SFL: 542461

The Trout Lake Forest is approximately 1,030,840 hectares in size. is one of three management units administered from the Red Lake, Sioux Lookout MNRF District Office. The forest borders Lac Seul and the Wabigoon forest to the south, the Whiskey Jack Forest and the Red Lake Forest to the west, the Whitefeather and Cat Slate Forests to the north, and the Lac Seul Forest to the east. The Trout Lake Forest is currently operating under the 2021 - 2031 Forest Management Plan. Click Here to learn about how to get involved in forest management planning.

Trout Lake Forest

What's New!

The 2021-2031 Trout Lake Forest Management Plan (FMP) has been approved by the MNRF Regional Director. All plan related documents, maps, and tables can be found on either the MNRF Natural Resources Information Portal (NRIP - or on this web page below. 

2024- 2025 Annual Work Schedule

The 2024-2025 Annual Work Schedule contains the planned harvest operations, road development, and renewal. Revisions to the AWS are hosted on the MNRFs Natural Resource Information Portal - NRIP

Operational Update

A monthly operations and planning update is prepared detailing progress in the current operations, expected operations, planning activities, road decommissioning, and safety. This document provides readers with a finer source of information throughout the Annual Work Schedule. 

2021- 2031 Forest Management Plan

The Trout Lake Forest Management Plan provides the long--term management direction, prescriptions, and objective that will provide for sustainability of the forest. The Forest Management Plan (FMP) was prepared by the Plan author with the support of a multidisciplinary planning team including MNRF, industry, Indigenous, and public members. A forest management plan is broken into four main part, the Plan Text, Plan Maps, FMP Tables, and Supplementary Documentation (Supp Doc). 

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